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Organic Carrot Juice Powder

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Ingredients: Organic Carrot juice

Our Organic Carrot Juice Powder is made from 100% organic carrot juice. The powder dissolves instantly in water, making it a perfect veggie option for your smoothie. 

The carrot root used to make organic carrot juice powder contains high quantities of alpha- and beta-carotene, and are a good source of vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin B6.


1. How much Organic carrot juice is used to make Organic Carrot juice powder?

We use 10.9kg of Organic Carrot juice to make 1kg of Organic Carrot juice powder. 

2. Raw Carrots vs Cooked

Raw carrots contain high levels of β-carotene but only 3% is released during human digestion: Our organic carrot juice is cooked prior to drying and digestible levels of β-carotene are increased to 39% through pulping and cooking.


Nutritional Table

Per Serve (10g) Per 100g
Energy 141kJ 1406kJ
Protein 1.3g 13g
Fat-total 0.3g 3.3g
- saturated 0g 0g
Total Carbohydrates 4.5g 45g
-carbohydrates from sugar 4.0g 40g
Sodium 44mg 436mg