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Cacao Powder Raw Organic - Peruvian Criollo - Ceremonial grade

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Botanical Name: Theobroma Cacao

The Mayans and the Aztecs knew about the amazing properties of the Cacao beans. Cacao was ground used to prepare Xocolatl, a favourite drink served at weddings and religious ceremonies.

Cacao beans were valued so highly by the Aztecs, they were also used as currency.

Source: We source our Cacao Powder  from Peruvian Criollo beans.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao: Our Criollo is pure unadulterated cacao, sourced from the Mesoamerican region and is deemed Ceremonial grade or heritage Cacao.

Why do we source Criollo

In Spanish, Criollo means 'of local origin'. This is a very high quality cocoa bean and is very aromatic and lacks bitterness. The Criollo is used in luxury chocolate but rarely alone since it is very scarce and expensive. Becoming less and less available. Found in Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, Samoan Islands, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Represents less than 3% of the world's cocoa production.

Cacao is rich in essential minerals, including magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorus. This ancient superfood is rich in antioxidants as well; Cacao beans contain 10,000 milligrams (10 grams) per 100 grams of flavonol antioxidants. This is a whopping 10% antioxidant concentration level! This makes cacao one of the richest sources of antioxidants of any food.

Enjoy this Aztec superfood obtained from premium quality Cocoa Beans organically grown in their land of origin. 

Organic Certified OCIA RAW Fair Trade Kosher Certified.


  • Is Cacao Powder the same as Cocoa Powder?
Yes, they are same thing. Somewhere in the early 15th century a typo took place with the translation from the Spanish word "Cacao" to English, written "Cocoa" (which is easier to pronounce for English speakers).
  • What is the origin of the word Cacao?
The origin comes from the Nauhatl (language of the Aztec culture): cacao, cacaocuahuitl. In Mayan language, the word is slightly different but very similar in sound: kakaw, kahau, haa, yau.
  • What is the best storage condition?
The best way to store it is to keep the cacao powder in a cool dry place.

Nutritional Table

Per Serve (2g) Per 100g
Energy 24.6kJ 12296kJ
Protein 0.5g 25g
Fat-total 0.22g 11g
- saturated 0.12g 6g
Carbohydrate 1.1g 55g
Sodium 0g 4mg