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Recreate the Starbucks Mango and Dragonfruit refresher at home!

Recreate the Starbucks Mango and Dragonfruit refresher at home!

It tastes just like the mango dragonfruit refresher base at Starbucks! It is an easy way to make a beautifully refreshing drink right in the comfort of your own home. 



Wondering what the ingredients are? 

- Freeze-dried Dragon fruit pieces 

- Lemonade

- Mango Juice 

- Freeze-dried Mango pieces

- Green Coffee Extract Powder 

- White Grape Juice


Turn this Starbucks copycat recipe into a cocktail by adding a splash of tequila or your favourite spirit and giving it a good shake. Serve it like a regular refresher or elevate it in a stylish cocktail glass. Perfect for BBQs or summer gatherings with family and friends – everyone will love it, trust me! 


Wondering how to make it? 

1. In a shaker bottle or mason jar, combine white grape juice, lemonade, mango juice, green coffee powder, freeze-dried dragon fruit pieces, and a few ice cubes.

2. Secure the lid tightly and shake vigorously to chill and mix the drink thoroughly.

3. Fill a large glass with ice, add some extra dragon fruit pieces, and enjoy your ice-cold refreshment.


And there you have it, super easy and delicious! 

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