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How to jazz up your menu this summer season!

How to jazz up your menu this summer season!

Elevate your summer menu with a touch of botanical brilliance!

Our freeze-dried fruits and powders add bursts of natural flavour and vibrant colours to both your dishes and cocktails.

From refreshing fruit salads to exotic cocktails, our botanical ingredients are the perfect way to infuse freshness and elevate the taste experience for your family and friends.

Wanting some inspiration? Read on...!

The Iconic Pavlova

Pavlova with freeze dried fruits

A pavlova isn't a pavlova without the delicious toppings! 

Elevate your pavlova game effortlessly – just sprinkle our freeze-dried fruits for a burst of real flavour and a satisfying crunch that takes your dessert to the next level.

Summer Cocktails

Cocktail season!

Add a creative twist to your summer cocktails with our freeze-dried fruits and powders.

Garnish your drinks with a burst of flavour – imagine the zing of freeze-dried strawberries in your margarita, the vibrant hue of raspberries in a refreshing mojito, or the intense blueberry notes enhancing your favourite cocktail.

Embody the essence of summer with our freeze-dried fruit collection! 


Summer Breakfasts 

Summer Breakfasts with freeze dried fruits

It's time for fresh and delicious breakfast options!

Jazz up your acai bowls, pancakes, muesli bowls or fruit salads with our freeze dried fruits

Sprinkle vibrant freeze-dried strawberries on yogurt, blend raspberries into your smoothies, or mix blueberry powder into pancake batter for a burst of fruity goodness.

It's a simple and delicious way to kickstart your day with the bright, natural flavours of summer.


Fruity Ice-Blocks

ice blocks with freeze dried fruits 

Beat the summer heat with fruity ice blocks featuring our premium freeze-dried fruits.

Whether it's the refreshing kick of freeze-dried strawberries, the tangy twist of oranges or the burst of blueberry goodness, our fruits add a delightful and cooling touch to your homemade ice blocks. 


Enjoy, and have a lovely summer!