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What is Agave Syrup?

What is Agave Syrup?

Agave syrup, also known as agave nectar, is a natural sweetener derived from the sap of the agave plant, primarily found in Mexico. It is known for its sweet taste, similar to honey, but with a milder flavour profile.

Agave nectar comes from the blue agave plant as well as Agave americana, which is also known as maguey or the century plant. This is the same plant that's used to make tequila.

Blue agave plant

Agave nectar is a sweetener that you can use as an alternative to sugar. It’s much sweeter, so you can use less of it for the same effect.

It's more natural than other alternative sweeteners. It’s also vegan, so it's an attractive alternative to honey for some people.

Agave has a low glycemic index (GI). If you have diabetes, a low-GI diet may help you control your blood sugar.

Also, it contains Vitamin B6, which plays a big role in how your body breaks down food, particularly proteins and carbohydrates.

Agave syrup on cheese

What to do with Agave Syrup....

- add a sweetness to your cheeses 

- use as a substitute of sugar in baking 

- or instead of honey in hot drinks 

- add a touch of it into your cold drinks or cocktails 

- or drizzle over pancakes, french toast or waffles!

Agave syrup in cocktails

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