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What is Raw, Organic Cacao?

What is Raw, Organic Cacao?

Cacao is a superfood derived from the seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree native to the Amazon Basin, also known as "the food of the gods".

Raw, organic cacao is processed using the cold-pressing technique which allows the cacao to retain more of its nutritional value. It is essentially chocolate in it's natural form. 

Cacao comes in a variety of different forms, from powder to nibs and paste and has many different uses. 


Organic cacao nibs.


Cacao nibs are dried and fermented cacao seeds that have been crushed into small pieces. Slightly bitter and nutty, with an intense chocolate flavour, they can be used as a natural and low sugar alternative to chocolate chips.

Some delicious ways to use cacao nibs are:

  • cookies
  • ice cream
  • granola 
  • smoothie bowls.

They can also be used as a savoury ingredient, if you grind them further they are a wonderful addition to a meat rub.



Organic cacao butter


Cacao butter is the fat that has been extracted from cacao nibs - the nibs are ground into a paste which is then pressed to seperate out the fat.

Cacao butter is used in the chocolate making process to increase the creamy texture. Fully edible, this pale yellow butter is a rich and indulgent plant-based alternative to other fats and oils, great for use in vegan and dairy-free recipes. 

Cacao butter is also high in Vitamin D, and commonly used in cosmetics for its conditioning and moisturising qualities. 


Raw, organic cacao powder



Cacao powder is made by crushing cacao beans and extracting the fat, leaving cacao solids. Those solids are then ground in to a fine powder, which can be used in much the same way as cocoa powder - it is simply more nutritious.

Try using it to make hot chocolate, a healthy breakfast smoothie, or adding it to some home baking for an intense chocolate hit.



Ceremonial grade cacao is cacao that has been grown without human intervention.

Cacao ceremonies are a communal gathering to help you connect with your inner-self and heart. The cacao, in either paste or powder form, is made in to a drink and used as a conduit to create and manifest personal or spiritual intentions.  


Ceremonial cacao


Cacao is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and high in fibre, magnesium and protein. It also contains mood boosting neurotransmitters and flavanols which can help to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation and improve blood flow. 

So, not only is cacao incredibly tasty, the potential health benefits make it a great addition to the modern diet. 

All of our cacao products are sourced from the Mesoamerican region by local farmers who use sustainable farming practices ensuring the highest quality cacao.