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Freeze Dried Fruit Recipes

Be inspired by all the versatile ways you can incorporate freeze-dried fruit in day-to-day recipes.
Blueberry Marshmallows Recipe | Botanical Ingredients

Blueberry Marshmallows

Blueberry Marshmallows, light, fluffy, full of flavour and with a colour that just jumps out at you. Ingredients - serves 3 packs unflavoured gelatine 1 cup ice cold water, divided 340g granulated sugar, approx 1½ cups 1 cup corn syrup ¼ teaspoon salt 30g Blueberry powder or Freeze dried Blueber...
Blueberry Muffins Recipe | Botanical Ingredients

Recipe: Wild Blueberry Muffins

Homemade wild blueberry muffins are the quintessential breakfast comfort food and a yummy snack for lunches. Soft and lightly sweet with juicy mounds of fresh fruit throughout, wild blueberry muffins are bits of hand-held summer flavour.  Made with freeze dried wild blueberries, these blueberry m...